What Makes FCAA Butterflies Soar?
The Family Christian Association of America, Inc. (FCAA), was founded by Herman K. Williams on February 9, 1984 as a premier non-profit, social and human services organization. It is a membership organization and is open to any family interested in its mission and programs.  Through its many programs and services, FCAA strives to help its participants become successful and independent.
FCAA is governed by a Corporate Board of Directors, composed of thirty (30) committed volunteers from various professional disciplines. The Board of Directors formulate and approve policy, develop financial resources, provide financial and legal oversight, and participate in strategic planning for the Agency.
FCAA employs over 150 full and part-time employees throughout South Florida, and collaborates with other community organizations and entities in efforts to promote family advocacy, quality of life opportunities for spiritual enhancement, prosperity, cultural preservation, and community development for underserved communities of Florida.
Herman K. Williams

Founder and President Emeritus